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Current as of June 2011; after returning to his apartment from the hospital




Hey there. Sorry I couldn't get to the phone in time--leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


[If you'd like to contact Shinju for some reason, leave a comment here. If you'd like to contact the mun, you can leave me a comment here.]


It was so lonely.

He didn't even know if Del and Ammy were still there, sometimes. There were long periods of silence in the apartment, making him recall more desperate times.


Was everyone going to leave him behind? Return home? He had a feeling his fate was to remain in this place forever. A miserable eternity...


The City was so empty, he felt. Perhaps it was just because some of his closest and oldest friends were finally gone. They were all gone. One after another... Zach... Tamaki... Sariel... even Kaito he missed. He'd even entertained the thought of making up with the vocaloid--well, it didn't much matter now, did it. He hadn't heard from or about him in weeks.

"You were there when I needed you the most..."

That horrible Shadow ordeal had shaken him to his core. To have everyone see such terrible thoughts and feelings... to have them berate him for what he felt... but she had held him. Supported him. When he was so close to breaking for good, she was the one who...

"Why won't you answer?" he pleaded to the air, unable to help the tears from falling.

He couldn't take it. He broke down into sobs.


[It had been a few weeks since he arrived in the hospital, and his bandages had finally come off, leaving a few nasty scars... but it didn't really make much of a difference to him--he had quite a few already.

A short while passed, and thanks to a little bit of physical therapy help from Black Jack, and the assistance of Ammy and Del, Shinju was finally able to make it back to his apartment.

Though he was exhausted when he arrived, nearly collapsing onto the couch and dropping his crutches, he was very, very glad to be out of the hospital. It was good to be back...

If anyone feels like coming by to check up on him, feel free! He's just lounging around.]

[Audio; Accidental Post]

[He gives a long sigh before starting to speak.]

Musing to myself as usual.Collapse )

[There's a pause before he cuts the feed.]

Happy Mother's Day--oh wait.

[Thanks to the efforts of the group that came to rescue him, Shinju now lies in the hospital, heavily bandaged. Unfortunately, he's too weak for either of the Ahtreide's magic to have a positive effect, but it seems he'll make a full recovery in time. Even if that means a month or two.

Right now he's lying in the hospital bed, half-conscious and trying to think everything through. Come by and say hello.]
Oh, thank God.

Well, not quite, but close enough. You can call me Ryoko for short.

Ugh... Let's just get this over with, mun.

Fine! Fine.

Today is a special day. That's right--it's Shinju's birthday! And as a gift to you, all my lovely, lovely friends, you get to pick any version of Shinju ever to interact with! When you pick one you like, you can ask for a brief history/etc in your comment title and I'll gladly describe said Shinju for you. Then it's all fun and games from there!

You can, of course, pick more than one. Just start a new thread.

List of Shinjus to choose from. Go crazy.Collapse )

Here's to another year!

Hiding in the Dark

It had only been a couple of days since Emeraude's video, but that was all Shinju needed for his world to fracture.

Why?Collapse )

[OOC/IC] Shadow Funtimes

[Shadow Shinju sits on his red and gold "throne", looking bored as he sips a cup of tea. A silver tray with another tea cup and a kettle sits next to him on a small table, and a bright red carpet leads down the stairs in front of him and out of the door. A game of chess is set up near one of the corners of the room, with three expensive-looking chairs surrounding the table.

The decorations in the room look as if they should belong to a noble, as do the clothes of the young man sitting within.

As he sets his cup down with a near-irritated sigh, he adjusts his gold-embroidered collar and taps the floor with one of his black boots, leaning back in the chair.]

Hmph... Those fools should be flocking here to gather around me...