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(Copying Meg/Sariel's format because it's awesome.)

The Muses:

hellfire_gouka Shinju Gouka, owner of Gouka Health Industries, on the hit list for the mafia, dating Emeraude
king_atheart Tamaki Suou, heir of the prestigious Suou family, has afilliations with the police force, has unrequited feelings for Emeraude
princesseimi Emeraude Iserath, only daughter of a wealthy family with mafia connections
verily_ergo Miles Edgeworth, District Attourney
seraphsariel Sariel, bodyguard of the mafia's second-in-command, Lucifer
l_vorenus Lucius Vorenus, police commissioner
spare_epithets Suzume Stark, one half of the Stark twins
one_who_flies Altair Ibin La'Ahad, bodyguard of Tony Stark, mafia boss

AilanthusFire: OKAY. The situation: Tamaki has asked Shinju to meet him at a rather unknown tea/coffee place, alone, to speak about something. (Probably to figure out if Shinju's good enough for Emmy 8|) Shinju only brought one guard made him stand near the door. Sariel can be chillin walking by or whatever... and Emmy might have overheard about the meeting? So maybe she's... hiding somewhere nearby.
Shinju: *taps his fingers on the table.* ...So, Mr. Suou. You said there was something you wanted to speak to me about?
Emmy: *sitting a few tables away, her hair up under a cap, a pair of glasses low on her nose, her back to the two of them - she's eavesdropping*
Tamaki: I'm glad you could make it Mr. Gouka. Would you like anything? Coffee, Tea..? It might be better if we get something to eat first.
Shinju: *raises an eyebrow.* ...some tea would be nice, I suppose.
Tamaki: Alright then. [waves to the waitress to bring two cups etc] I hope it wasn't too hard finding your way here, but in times like these one must resort to such obscure places for safety. [sighs]
Shinju: Yes, I understand completely. In any case, I wasn't the one who had to find where this place was. *a small smirk crosses his face.* One advantage of being blind, I suppose. *takes his cup and sips the tea.*
Tamaki: Ah, I suppose it is. [sips his own tea] ...hmm, is that the only guard you've brought? A tad risky on your part, isn't it?
Emmy: *quietly orders a tea, just to get the waitress harassing her to go away*
Shinju: Well it wouldn't be very discreet of me to bring more than one, hmm? Hopefully it will be easier for my location to stay secret this way.
Tamaki: Hopefully. I've heard everyone's got their eye on you these days.
Shinju: ...unfortunately. *frowns slightly.*
Shinju: Though I admit it's a little surprising.
Miles: *slides into the shop, also in disguise. He's slumped and looking pale, not bothering to keep up his usual walls of dignity for fear of discovery that the DA is wandering around in public. He's wearing a very convincing wig, old hat and trenchcoat. And he hasn't shaved, either. He needs a break and takes a seat, noticing Shinju and Tamaki's presence.*
Shinju: The fact that I'm still alive, that is.
Tamaki: Fret not, Gouka. I'm sure it'll--...oh?
Tamaki: You don't believe that your guards are efficient enough to have kept you safe this long?
Shinju: *under his breath.* Heh... those incompetent idiots? Not a chance.
Shinju: Besides... how long do you think you would have to live if a hit was put out on you, guards or no?
Emmy: *frowns slightly as she listens, sipping at her tea slowly*
Tamaki: Well considering that I have no intention of dying just yet, I would make sure that it would be a very long time. Hit or not.
Tamaki: And you really shouldn't have that kind of attitude. People have survived and so will you. You must.
Shinju: Ha ha ha. If someone was truly trying to kill you, Mr. Suou, you would be dead. It seems to me as if taking my life is a chore to them.
Shinju: I must? And why is that?
Tamaki: Ah, but unlike you, I choose to hire only the best guards for myself. And of course, there is always the police force. And you must because well ...hm, that brings us to what I wanted to talk to you about in the first place. You must because of Emeraude.
Emmy: *sips slowly on her tea, her frown softening somewhat*
Shinju: *sits up in his seat slowly and gets a serious expression.* ...Emeraude. Why would you want to talk about her?
Miles: *shakes his head and sips at his tea when it's served to him. He can't help but listen out of pure boredom.*
Tamaki: Tell me, how much does she really mean to you?
Sariel: *at this point she has been out for a better part of the day, having been given the day off and spending it at a spa. She's also been given a few orders on how to redeem herself given the recent incidents, and she's attempting to find a target from the list she was given. By chance, she passes where Shinju and Tamaki is. Bingo.*
Shinju: *frowns slightly in confusion.* She... she's the only light I have. But what does that have to do with anything?
Tamaki: Oh trust me it has to do with everything. But is she really? How can one know that you truly do care for her?
Shinju: *his expression immediately turns to anger.* Mr. Suou... are you daring to imply that I don't care for her?
Emmy: *fights the urge to interrupt them, her hands clamping on her teacup as she listens*
Shinju: You know nothing about our relationship. I would gladly give away everything I have for her.
Tamaki: Mr. Gouka, please calm yourself.
Shinju: I will calm myself when you tell me what it is you want.
Sariel: *seeing this as a good oppertunity to get back into everyone's good graces, she sets herself up a nice looking sniper riffle across the street and begins to fiddle around, training it on Shinju*
Tamaki: ....Then you have just given me the answer I was looking for. [small, sad smile but LOL SHINJU CANT SEE IT 8| HAHA ]
Hahnukka: [/brick'd]
Shinju: ... *his expression goes back to a confused frown.*
Miles: *stands up and tries to move past Shinju and Tamaki unnoticed through the cluttered tables. He wants more tea, and is irritable because of his wound.*
Shinju: *turns towards Miles, reckognizing his footsteps.* ...?
Tamaki: Well you must know that I have been friends with Emeraude for quite a long time. And as her ...friend, I can't help but worry about things.
Sariel: *smiles a little, as she now has a pretty clear shot at Shinju's head. Thte only thing that could mess it up would be him moving.*
Shinju: ...so you were trying to see if I was... "worthy" of her, so to speak?
Tamaki: ...I supose you could put it that way. No offense Gouka, but I needed to make sure. She only deserves the best..
Shinju: Yes... I understand. And I agree but--*he accidentally knocks over the napkins on the table, trying to reach his tea.* Oh--
Shinju: *reaches down to get the napkin despenser off the floor.*
Miles: *stops in his tracks, he heard the bullet, then grabs Shinju and throws him down to the ground.*
Tamaki: [ducks down instinctively at hearing the shot, overturning the table so it's blocking the two of them]
Shinju: *at hearing the window shatter, his eyes went wide* !!
Hahnukka: *or three even
Sariel: *swears when she sees Miles and starts running.*
Shinju: Fuck--Here--?!
Tamaki: It seems as if we've been found. D8<
Miles: *runs out of the shop and looks up at the empty window where the rifle was mounted.*
Sariel: *IS NOT THERE*
Miles: *calls Vorenus. DX*
Sariel: *has moved to a different rooftop and lets a few more bullets out, HOPING she hits Shinju*
Vorenus: WHAT? *it is his day off. And he was about to have sex with his wife*
Shinju: Dammit... Ngh--*HEY BULLETS!* !!
Miles: *SLDFJSDKJ runs back into the shop, his arm is grazed and he jumps behind the table again, still on the phone.*
Tamaki: [starts dragging the other two with him so that they can crawl and hide behind a wall]
Shinju: *they miss but one of them knocks something over and collides with the back of his head. WHY HELLO WEAKSPOT. YES. I THINK I'LL BLACK OUT NOW.*
Miles: *smacks Tamaki's hand away and helps him drag Shinju to the back of the shop.* Vorenus, I have just witnessed an assassination attempt on Gouka's life.
Vorenus: *groans inwardly* Fuck.
Sariel: *is now partaking in Altair's favourite sport - RUNNING ON ROOFTOPS!*
Miles: And they're still firing bullets. Gouka has collapsed but hasn't been shot. We have sustained no other significant injuries so far. *tells Vorenus where they are*
Vorenus: Okay, okay. I'll be there shortly. *sighs* *more to himself* Why does this happen on my day off?
Miles: You could send officers instead of yourself, you know.
Vorenus: Then WHY did you call me?!
Shinju: *twitches slightly, but is still unconscious.*
Miles: I only called you because you are one of the few policemen I trust with this kind of situation.
Tamaki: [calls out] Miles, why is it taking so long to relay what happened to Vorenus? [uhm taps SHinju on the cheek lightly to try and wake him up]
Miles: *holds up a hand like "NOT. RIGHT. NOW."*
Vorenus: *sighs* I'll get people down there immediately.
Vorenus: Good bye.
Miles: I apologize. Good bye. *hangs up*
Shinju: *mumbling.* Ngh... Mother, Father... don't... leave me like this...
Vorenus: *gets his best people down there immediately, with an ambulance*
Miles: *crawls over to Shinju, getting slightly more pale.*
Miles: It's Edgeworth. /Edgeworth/, Suoh. *takes a water bottle from one of the shelves nearby and pours a little bit of it onto Shinju's face.*
ShoelessWanderer: 3 Police Cars + 1 Ambulance: *arrive on the scene in quick succession*
Shinju: *twitches as the water gets poured on him, opening his eyes slightlly.* ...?
Tamaki: You may correct me later Miles. When you yourself dont look like you're about to pass out any minute.
Shinju: *half-conscious now* ...Edgeworth... you're supposed to be resting... idiot...
ShoelessWanderer: Ambulance: *loads Shinju into it so he can get some medical attention*
Miles: The only idiot here is Suoh. *goes with Shinju. :| *
Tamaki: ...H-hey. 8|
Shinju: Heh... fair enough.
ShoelessWanderer: Various other cops: *hold Tamaki back to get a statement and begin to investigate the crime scene*
Tamaki: [lalala statement, makes his way to his own limo so he can leave the scene and maybe go bother Vorenus]
Miles: *accompanies Shinju for his safety. Even "the best" guards can be bought off. There's no substitute for common sense.*
Emmy *has since dived beneath a table*
Vorenus: *is currently not very happy, and is curled up in his bedroom looking very distrssed*
Shinju: *ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL* ...hey, Edgeworth.
Vorenus: *and would probably have little patience with Tamaki should he show up. Which means he totaly should*
Miles: Yes, Gouka?
Shinju: How's your shoulder?
Miles: .. *blinks. He didn't expect that.* Ah... It's doing... better.
Emmy: *still hiding beneath the table, peering out slightly to see if anyone is left there; her hat has fallen off*
Tamaki: [GUESS WHO VORENUS 8|||| ]
Vorenus: *answers the door and looks utterly furious*
Miles: Gouka, I would avoid visiting public places with Suoh. He courts death without sustaining injury himself.
Shinju: ...'s good. I'm glad.
Shinju: ...I see.
Shinju: I'll keep it in mind. Thanks.
Vorenus: *eye twitch. Immediately.*
Tamaki: [takes no notice of his anger] Vorenus, time to talk. Now.
Vorenus: *lets him in* My office.
Miles: An endless migraine. *rubs at his temples.*
Vorenus: *storms through the house into his home office*
Shinju: Sounds annoying. *sighs at himself.* ... Ridiculous... back of my skull.
Tamaki: [follows after him with a sigh]
Vorenus: *slams the door shut* What is it?
Miles: The doctor says you will be fine.
Miles: How do you... feel? *suddenly wonders why he asked Shinju that. :| *
Shinju: Yeah, I know. 'S just... the back of my head is sensitive, after the car crash.
Emmy: *finds out from a nearby someone-or-another where Shinju's gone, and wonders if she should head to the hospital o: *
Shinju: ...I'm alright.
AilanthusFire: *since (not after)
Tamaki: Well you know about what happened today. And really, have you been taking your blood pressure pills? You look like you're about to pop a blood vessel.
Vorenus: I am aware of what happened, why did you feel the need to come into my home with information I already have, Suoh?
Shinju: Thanks. ...For asking.
Emmy: *heads to the hospital, mostly just so she can actually do something. >>*
Vorenus: And if I do pop a bloodvessel it is because this day went from absolutely perfect to the domain of Pluto in one fell swoop and your pressence is not easing it for me at all!
Tamaki: Simple request. I want you to assign some of your best men to a new position. I want them to guard Gouka at all times.
Vorenus: This could not have waited a day?!
Miles: Oh. It's nothing. Might I ask you a favor?
Shinju: ...of course.
Tamaki: There can't be a repeat of this incident and no, it really couldn't, Vorenus. You know I don't like to wait.
Miles: When we are in public, address me as "sir." If you would please tell this to Suoh as me speaking to him is like talking to a brick wall.
Vorenus: *groans and rubs at his temples* You could have simply called me about the matter. You know I hate when you do this. Makes the house smell of death.
Emmy: *arrives, and takes the time to quickly make herself presentable before softly knocking on the door*
Shinju: ...alright. If I talk to him any time soon, I will.
Miles: You can't see it, but there is a reason I'm in disguise at the moment.
Shinju: ...ah. I apologize.
Vorenus: *picks up his phone* But it will be taken care of.
Miles: Apology accepted. It isn't you who has the complete disregard for others' safety.
Tamaki: But face to face, I can make sure that you'll go through with it /the moment I request it/. Ah, thankyou.
Shinju: *hears Emeraude's knocking.* ...come in.
Vorenus: *waiating for the phone to pick up* Your lack of trust in my ability to do what you ask of me in a good amount of time is distressing, Suoh.
Emmy: *enters quietly* ...are you alright? I...*sees Miles and smiles slightly* I came as soon as I heard something had happened...
Shinju: Yes, I'm fine. I just need a bit of rest. *gives her a slightly tired smile.*
Miles: *stands up.* Shall I give you both a private moment?
Tamaki: Oh I know how easily you seem to give into the temptation of your wife, Vorenus~ [grins] I'd rather you get this over with before that, don't you?
Emmy: *gives a relieved smile* I'm glad to hear it... *looks up at Miles* ...aa...if you wouldn't mind...it won't be long.
Vorenus: *on the phone. When he hangs up he's restraining himself from smacking Tamaki* Shut. Up.
Tamaki: [laughs and gives Vorenus a pat on the back as he gets up] There now. You can enjoy the rest of your time. 'Fraid I must be going now.
Vorenus: Next time, when it is my day off, call me.
Vorenus: I have never given you reason to doubt my abilities to perfom a task. You do not have to make house calls whenever ou need something done. Clear?
Miles: *stands up and leaves the room. He sits outside in a chair with his hands folded.*
Shinju: *sighs.* Sorry about this. Ridiculous mafia finally decided to try and kill me again.
Vorenus: *calls Edgeworth when Tamaki leaves*
Vorenus: How is he doing?
Miles: *answers.* Just fine. You sound murderous.
Emmy: *gasps quietly, sitting down beside him* It's not your fault...*shakes her head*
Emmy: ...what happened?
Vorenus: Tamaki just showed up at my house. Of course I am.
Vorenus: Not to mention that you cockblocked me earlier
Miles: Get over it. And tell Tamaki to call you instead. Though I doubt he would listen.
Shinju: I was meeting with Mr. Suou in a relatively unknown place, but... *sighs* I suppose one of them must have spotted me.
Emmy: *sighs slightly, then takes his hand* ...what were you doing meeting in an unknown place?
Vorenus: I have. Multiple times. The man does not listen.
Miles: *rubs at his forehead.* He insists on using my name in public. If I get shot, it's most likely because of him.
Vorenus: ....I thought you were supposed to be at your home recovering from your wound.
Shinju: He was the one who requested it. *sigh*
Miles: You address this /now/? I may have saved Gouka's life.
Emmy: *also sighs* Did you take any guards with you..? Or did you just happen to be out in the open..?
Shinju: There was one, but... *frowns.* ...
Emmy: But..?
Shinju: He disappeared.
Vorenus: Observation. Nothing more. *sighs* Suoh requested off duty cops take over as Shinju's bodyguards for the time being. They should be there shortly. Have we gotten any leads on who shot you?
Emmy: ...disappeared. *scoffs* ...do you mind if I talk to Papa about getting you one who won't disappear when you need him?
Shinju: *sighs.* Yes, that's fine.
Emmy: After all...if something happened to you, I don't know what I'd do with meself...
Miles: None that I know of. Not a professional hit, by the style. Please have the detective contact me as soon as we have more information. If the rifle was left there, we could analyze it for DNA samples.
Miles: But investigation is not my expertise, obviously. For now, Vorenus, /you/ rest.
Vorenus: Pfft. That oppertunity has sailed.
Shinju: *smiles tiredly.* I don't want to leave you, but... I know you'd be alright if I was ever killed. You're a strong woman.
Emmy: *bites her lip, forcing a smile* You might think so...but you're what makes me strong...
Shinju: *just sighs, pausing for a second, and pulls her into an embrace.*
Emmy: *is pulled into an embrace, then wraps her arms around him tightly*
Miles: Rest anyway. There are still plenty of hours in the day.
Miles: In any case, I did not expect a simple visit to a shop for tea would turn into an assassination attempt.
Vorenus: * there's a smile in his voice* Really Miles, you have known me how long? In these situations I never rest easy.
Miles: .... *pauses.* ... *lowers his voice.* My mage will destroy your ranger, Vorenus. It's a matter of strategy.
Vorenus: Bitch you are dead
Vorenus: I am going to kick your ass back to the shire
Miles: Tell it to the d20.
Vorenus: You mean the one I rigged?
Miles: No one likes a cheater, Vorenus. I take your plus five broadsword and raise you a level nine spell--in fair game.
comatoseb: Suddenly, this got very nerdy. xDD
Vorenus: We'll see about that tomorrow, now won't we?
Vorenus: *loling*
Miles: I am going to wipe you off the map. *actually smiling just a bit.*
Vorenus: In your dreams, Edgeworth.
Vorenus: Look. I need to go. I'll see you tomorrow. And bring your game face
Miles: We'll see. .... Really. Rest. :|
Vorenus: You too. Please.
Miles: I will try. Good bye. *hangs up and sighs, much more relaxed.*
Vorenus: *hangs up and shakes his head in amusement*
Shinju: *is now sleeping in the hospital bed after talking with Emmy. 8D?*
Sariel: *in the hospital in disguise, checking the records to ensure that SHinju is dead*
Miles: *really has nothing much to do and... so he reads over case files back in the hospital room.*
Emmy: *is also still in the room, watching him sleep and periodically glancing up to see what Miles is doing*
Sariel: *finds where Shinju is, which means he's alive, which means she failed. She sighs and stashes the files back and looks around, intent to escape*
Sariel: *and oh hay the file room is RIGHT near where Edgeworth and Emmy are*
Miles: *walks out of the file room to get some water. 8D*
Emmy: *sits with sleeping!Shinju*
Miles: *walks out of the hospital room where Shinju is to get some water 8|*
Sariel: *pokes her head out and looks around to ensure that her escape route is safe*
Sariel: *dressed as an arabic immigrant*
Miles: *bumps into Sariel* ...Sorry.
Sariel: *thiiick, and surprisingly believable accent* It is fine, I was not looking where I walked.
Miles: *laid back voice, he raises his hands* Neither was I.
Sariel: Forgive my mistepping. *starts to walk off*
Sariel: *trying to get away very quickly*
Emmy: *decides she's also going to get something to drink, and walks out almost completely into Sariel* Oh~! Sorry about that.
Sariel: *planning to try and get into Shinju's room and kill the bitch off*
Emmy: No, it was my fault. *moves out of the way, straight into the doorway of Shinju's room, thinking that Sariel was going to keep going by*
Sariel: *keeps walking, heading toward the stairwell. The hospital building is old with ledges. Good for climbing.*
Emmy: *finds something to drink, then goes back*
Miles: *stares at Sariel's back with a raised eyebrow, then goes back into Shinju's room and HAY OPENS THE WINDOW for some air.*
Sariel: *inches over to the next room. OH SAFTEY*
Emmy: *has since reclaimed her seat beside Shinju* Don't keep that open for too long, hm..? It's getting chilly out. o:
Miles: *wonders if Emmy realizes who he is and closes the window.*
Emmy: *probably doesn't*
Sariel: *inches back over and waits.*
Emmy: *turns her attention back to Shinju*
Miles: *closes the curtains.*
Shinju: *sighs in his sleep.*
Emmy: ?
Sariel: *NOOOOOOOOOO! Lurks anyway, straining to listen in*
Miles: *opens up a book and reads quietly, occasionally looking at Shinju.*
Sariel: ....................................*idea faise*
Sariel: *goes back inside. And pulls the fire alarm*
Miles: *facepalm*
Sariel: *HAHA!*
Emmy: What the...?! *covers her ears somewhat*
Shinju: *jolts awake* --?!
Shinju: Fire ala--*covers his sensitive ears.* Dammit!
Miles: *raises his voice over the alarm* I will escort you both outside with the nurses!
ShoelessWanderer: Chaos: *occuring in the hospital. Sariel just lurks in the file room*
Emmy: We have to get out of here, if there's a fire... *sighs impatiently* But we can't very well just go out there..!
Emmy: What if something happens when we're out there?
Shinju: Ngh... *gets up, he's well enough to walk around.* Need to make sure all the patients get out...
Emmy: *puts her hand on his chest* Where are you going? D:
Shinju: This is my hospital. I'm responsible for it and all the people being taken care of. Let me go, I'm fine.
ShoelessWanderer: *A nurse pokes her head in and yell at Emmy and Miles to get out, and that Shinju will be taken out with the other patients*
Emmy: *sighs* ...
Shinju: Now go. I'll be fine.
Emmy: I suppose there's no stopping you, then...but...
Emmy: I'm not going anywhere without you.
Shinju: *sighs.* ...very well. *he leaves to go help the administration take care of the chaos and refuses to be taken out with the patients.*
Emmy: *follows after him, somewhat worried*
Sariel: *waits quietly for him to actually start to move. Is starting to get frusterated*
Miles: *helps Shinju maneuver through the crowd and deal with the administration. He feels responsible for the two at the moment and can't help but get an odd feeling about the timing of the alarm.*
Sariel: *sees a good oppertunity for a shot and takes it. She's aiming at Shinju's chest this time.*
Shinju: *makes sure all the patients get out safetly, then the nurses and doctors etc and is about to leave himself.*
Emmy: *hears a gunshot and screams*
Shinju: *SUDDENLY, A BULLET! A stray... IV pole? was rolling along and managed to deflect the bullet... into his side.*
Sariel: *just as planned. Doesn't stick around to see if she managed to kill him though*
Sariel: *If need be Altair can probably sneak in at shank the bitch*
Shinju: --AGH--
Miles: GOUKA!! *manages to grab a doctor to get Shinju some care amidst the chaos of the drill.*
Sariel: *escapes in all the chaos.*
Emmy: *at Shinju's side, trying to stifle the bleeding with her dress*
Shinju: Ngh--d-damn... *sliding slowly out of consciousness.*
Sariel: *drives off*
Emmy: Stay with me, Shinju! *takes one of his hands in hers, squeezing slightly*
Advice No Jutsu: Doctor: *pulls Shinju onto a spare bed with Miles' help and tends to Shinju's wound. D: *
Emmy: Is he going to be alright? D:
Shinju: Em... d-don't think I can... *fading out as he's being put on the bed.*
Miles: Stay awake, Gouka. Stay with us.
Emmy: *trying not to cry* Sh-Shinju...*squeezes his hand again*
Shinju: ... dg... worth... sorry... *falls unconscious.*
Emmy: Edgeworth..? *glances up to Miles, not knowing who he is, and still trying not to cry*
Advice No Jutsu: Doctor: *patches up the wound as best he can in all that mess, but tells them once the situation is calmed Shinju will get put in special care--he'll probably make it.*
Emmy: *nearly collapses with relief at that news*
Miles: *offers Emmy a clean handkerchief.*
Sariel: *driving along, calls Suzume up* Miss Stark?
Emmy: *accepts it, dabbing at her eyes* Th-thank you...did he call you...Edgeworth..? *doesn't recognise him at all*
Suzume: Sariel?
Miles: I didn't hear him in all this noise, miss.
Emmy: *frowns slightly, and finishes wiping her eyes* I...I'll replace this for you...
Sariel: Sorry I'm running a bit late for our movie night, something came up. About to hit the video store now, what did you want me to get?
Suzume: A Man for All Seasons.
Sariel: Right, anything else? Also, any food?
comatoseb: Y'know what's really cute? That they're having a movie night. xD
Sariel: Cos if not I'm gonna pick some Ben and Jerry's up for myself.
Suzume: Pick some up for the both of us.
Sariel: Americone dream okay?
Suzume: I want Half Baked, actually.
Sariel: Okay, will do. Means I don't have to share. I'll be by in a bit. *pauses* Also tell your dad that I think the Shinju hit just got taken care of. Or at least 50% done.
Sariel: Dunno if we'll have to have Altair finish it. Might.
Suzume: He eats everything. D:
Sariel: .........I.....I meant finish killing off Shinju. Not the fact that Altair is the fucking human garbage disposal
ShoelessWanderer: Sarirel: Although I'll sacrifice my ice cream to him if he wants some.
Suzume: Ah. Whatever.
Suzume: He's not getting mine.
Sariel: I actually think he said he hates half baked
Sariel: totally inhuman I know.
Suzume: I never heard him say that.
Suzume: Either way, he's not getting my ice cream.
Suzume: Arrive soon, please. Stop causing trouble, it's already all over the news today.
Suzume: *CLICK*
Sariel: *gets the movie and ice cream. And shows up*
Vorenus: *why yes he's now on duty. Calls up Miles*
Shinju: *because he is rather weak in physical terms, is seriously wavering between the will or won't make it.*
Emmy: *refuses to leave Shinju's side*
Miles: *with Shinju also; he's on his second day of recovery.*
Vorenus: Dammit man, pick up!
Miles: ....... *picks up his phone.* Vorenus.
Vorenus: I just got in. What's the status?
Miles: Gouka has been shot. His life is hanging on a thread, Lucius.
Vorenus: *groans* Suoh's gonna have my head, I swear. Okay. Look. Give me your statement on what happened.
Miles: Suoh can shove sniper bullets up-- *calms himself.* Suoh is an idiot and cannot realize that if the mafia wants someone dead, they have considerable power to make that wish a reality.
Vorenus: No. The first part was right.
Emmy: *overhears the conversation slightly and glances over at Miles, shooting him a bit of a look*
Vorenus: Just give me your statement, I'm getting into the car now.
Miles: *gives Vorenus a statement on what happened.*
Vorenus: *when Miles is done, Vorenus is standin right behind him*
Miles: *turns.* .... Refrain from using my name here, please. *closes his phone.*
Emmy: *kinda wonders why people are showing up all over the place now. D: *
Vorenus: Got it.
Vorenus: *sighs and looks at Emmy*
Emmy: *looks at Vorenus*
Vorenus: How are you coping?
Emmy: *forces a smile* As well as anyone whose boyfriend might die at any moment can.
Miles: She's doing rather well, considering.
Emmy: *glances at Miles, giving a weak laugh at his comment, her eyes dropping back to Shinju*
Vorenus: We've started investigating what happened, obviously. *to Emmy* Did you notice anything strange before the fire alarm went off?
Emmy: I'm glad to hear it...*thinks* There was someone just outside the room. They seemed to almost...want in the room..? But I'm not sure.
Vorenus: Oh?
Vorenus: Elaborate, please.
Emmy: Well...all I could say is that they bumped into meself, and him *indicates Miles*...they looked foreign?
Emmy: I thought it was somewhat odd that someone would bump into two people coming out of the same room in an otherwise empty hallway...
Vorenus: .................Foreign how
Emmy: ...Arabic, I might say?
Miles: I saw that woman also.
Vorenus: *wheels in his mind are turning* Did either one of you see her hair colour?
Miles: No, it was covered.
Emmy: ...I might have seen blonde...but that could have been mine. >>
Vorenus: .....................................
Miles: Her eyebrows looked....... odd.
Vorenus: Mi- *catches himself* That woman at the party the other evening, the one with Morningstar. Her description, again?
Miles: Dark skinned with blonde hair.
Vorenus: Could she pass off as Arab?
Emmy: *glances back and forth between the two of them* ...
Miles: .......... She very well could.
Emmy: Are you saying that Sariel tried to kill my boyfriend?
Vorenus: And we nave a name
ShoelessWanderer: *have
Miles: *huffs.*
Emmy: *slightly shocked* ...you are. *under her breath* Well, that's the last time I let her come to a party of mine... >>
Vorenus: Emeraude, the woman is in the employ of the mafia, don't look so shocked.
Miles: *dryly* Indeed.
Emmy: That's not the point!
Emmy: The point is that she can speak so freely with me, her employer can ask me how Shinju is...and then I turn around and they're putting out hits on him..?!
Vorenus: *annoyed* If I were you I would start reconsidering where your loyalties lie - be it with your boyfriend or with the mafia.
Emmy: I was mingling, I'll have you know.
Emmy: My every loyalty lies with my family and Shinju.
Miles: People can lie, Miss Iserath.
Miles: Expect deception from those within the mafia.
Vorenus: *narrows his eyes* Your family's loyalty lies with the mob.
Emmy: ...are you suggesting that my loyalties lie with the mob because of that?
Vorenus: Suggesting? No. I'm flat out saying it
Shinju: *shifts slightly in the bed, opening his eyes just barely.* ...ngh...
Emmy: *scoffs, rising from where she was beside Shinju* I do what is required of me to protect my family; I have no reason to deal with the mob, save for the fact that Papa may prefer it.
Vorenus: *looks down at Shinju* And we're back to the world of the living.
Miles: *just gives Emmy a look and turns his gaze to Shinju*
Vorenus: Gouka, how hopped up on pain killers are you?
Emmy: *looks down at him, hesitating slightly* ... *decides it's better to not say anything, and merely sits back beside Shinju, touching his cheek lightly* Are you alright..?
Shinju: *he's delirious right now thanks to the drugs and weakness.* ...who...
Vorenus: That's a very yes
Miles: Don't make him speak, Vorenus.
Shinju: ...Em...
Emmy: Shinju...I'm here...
Vorenus: *nudges Edgeworth in a 'we should get out of here and give them a moment' way*
Shinju: ...can't go anywhere... mafia... but...
Emmy: ...yes?
Shinju: ...can't stay home, either... someone inside...
Shinju: Trying to... get rid of me...
Emmy: *frowns slightly* We figured out who it was trying to kill you...
Emmy: *glances back at Vorenus and Miles* ...
Shinju: *stops, swallowing. Speaking is exhausting him right now.*
Emmy: *gently rubs his hair* Just rest, darling...you can tell me about it when you're rested...
Shinju: Don't... let... *trying to get out more, but he can't.*
Miles: You will be protected, Gouka.
Emmy: *frowns slightly* Shh...just get some sleep.
Miles: *fixes his hat*
Vorenus: *nods in agreement with Miles and takes out a walkie talkie, listening into a report*
Vorenus: *as two officers enter* Emeraude, there will be two armed officers here until he is released from the hospital. When Gouka is feeling better I will discuss other similar matters with him.
Emmy: ...alright. I'm going to stay with him as well...
Miles: I will remain here, as I am on leave for several more days.
Emmy: *eyes Miles*
Vorenus: And do keep our conversation in mind. Sir, will you escorrt me down to the lobby?
Emmy: ...of course. *can'twaitforhimtoleave*
Vorenus: *starts to head out*
Miles: Yes. *does so*
Emmy: *turns her attention back to Shinju as they leave*
Vorenus: *once they're in the hallway* That was an unpleasant conversation
Miles: Indeed.
Vorenus: *sighs* I swear, those two have some serious issues to work out. At least we have a name and a face, that's more than what we had before.
Vorenus: Gonna be impossible to get to her.
Shinju: *is barely managing to stay conscious.*
Vorenus: It's going to be a long night. You sure you want to stay?
Vorenus: :|
Emmy: *strokes his cheek again slightly* Just get some rest...
Shinju: *looks like he wants to say something, but is too weak to get out the words.*
Miles: *talks with Vorenus, then reenters the room where Shinju and Emmy are.*
Emmy: *turns when she hears Miles enter*
Sariel: *knocks on the door of the Stark mansion with movie + ice cream*
Miles: Excuse me, do you wish me to wait outside?
Emmy: Actually...I was meaning to ask you something. *rises slightly, kissing Shinju softly on the cheek before heading over to Miles* ...who the hell are you? D:
Sariel: *waits and prays Altair doesn't get the door*
Miles: ... Ahh.....
Altair: *ANSWERS THE DOOR.* :|
Sariel: .......*goddamnit* Here for the usual movie night and ice cream. I have Americone dream. You want me to save you half?
Sariel: I also got you your own pint
Miles: .... A friend of Shinju Gouka's.
Altair: Suzume is waiting for you. *lets Sariel in*
Emmy: That's not a name.
Shinju: *turns his head towards the two.*
Miles: Who is but a form of what. I am a friend of Gouka's.
Sariel: She in the living room? *takes out one of the two pints of Americone dream and hands it to Altair*
Emmy: I gathered as much by the way you've been acting. I'll rephrase it, then. What's your name, and why are you here?
Altair: Yes. *takes the pint.*
Sariel: I'll leave the rest of the pint in the freezer. *heads into the living room* I come bearing movies and ice cream!
Shinju: *manages to get something else out.* ...Em... 's 'kay.
Suzume: About time!
Emmy: ...*turns to look back at him* ...Shinju...
Sariel: Took me a while to find the DVD, sorry. *plops down on the sofa and hands her the movie*
Sariel: *takes the ice cream out and pops open the lids* I got Altair his own pint too.
Suzume: Tch. *puts the movie in and settles down to watch it.*
Sariel: *noms and watches the movie, looking pleased with herself*
Sariel: Hey. It's a good way of starting to apologise for last night.
Suzume: He won't be bribed.
Suzume: I've tried.
Sariel: Not trying to bribe. Just trying to be nice.
Suzume: It won't work. Sorry. *Nomnomnom movie*
Sariel: Meh. How're you doing then?
Suzume: Watching a movie.
Sariel: *shuts and noms half of the pint*
Sariel: *gets up and retrieves the DVD when the movie's over*
Sariel: Would you like me to leave or-?
Suzume: *falls asleep.*
Altair: *walks in and picks Suzume up carefully.* :|
Sariel: Rest of my pint is in the freezer if you want it. Good night, Altair.
Altair: *takes Suzume upstairs where they sleep or something.*
Sariel: *waits a few moments, because she wants to talk to Altair about Shinju*
Sariel: *lingers by the door*
Altair: *totally tucks Suzume in even if she's like, 17. B|*
ShoelessWanderer: *OH GOD. SO CUTE. DIES*
Altair: *walks downstairs after shanking Meg in the neck.*
Sariel: A heads up, if you have a moment*
Sariel: *srs business faise*
Altair: What is it.
Sariel: There was a hit attempt made on Gouka tonight. Critical condition. I dunno if you're gonna be called in to finish him.
Altair: ...
Sariel: Good night.
Altair: ....................................................................
Altair: You. Wait for orders. Or ask if your actions are for the best. >|
Sariel: I was acting on orders.
Altair: And you failed miserably.
Altair: *opens the door like "YOU WERE LEAVING WEREN'T YOU?"*
Sariel: That will be seen with time.
Sariel: As I said. Good night. Enjoy your ice cream.
Altair: If he is not already dead, you have failed.
Altair: *pushes her out and shuts the door.*
Altair: *like, just shoved her out the door.*
Sariel: *eyeroll*
ShoelessWanderer: *back at the hospital?*
Miles: ... *sighs and pulls the wig off.*
Emmy: *stares slightly, her mouth dropping open a bit*
Miles: Miles Edgeworth, district attorney. :|
Emmy: ...pray tell why you feel the need to dress up like this..?
Miles: I am the district attorney, and that in itself attracts a lot of.... trouble.
Miles: *puts the wig and hat back on and fixes it.*
Emmy: I know who you are now...but...what, people treat you like a celebrity and stop you in the street? *looks slightly sceptical and smirks a bit*
Miles: .... No.
Miles: People try to kill me.
Emmy: ...well, that does seem like a reason, then.
Miles: It /is/ a reason. A very good one, I should think.
Emmy: Rather. I do wonder if that would work for Shinju...
Miles: I think it might, provided he exercises the proper caution...
Emmy: Such as...? *glances back to him*
Miles: Being discreet with his actions.
Emmy: But of course...he wouldn't be able to be seen with me, then, though...would he?
Miles: To be quite honest, him being seen with you /now/ is a liability, knowing your connections.
Emmy: *stares at him slightly, slightly unable to believe that he just said that*
Emmy: ...excuse me?
Miles: One is either with the mafia or against them. You cannot be /both/. As it stands, your family's connections with them bind you as well. There is a host of problems that could arise from a moderate stance, especially considering your romantic involvement with someone they want dead.
Emmy: ...if it came down to it, I would gladly choose Shinju over my family. Does that show you where my loyalties lie well enough?
Miles: Hardly.
Emmy: *slaps Miles*
Miles: *stumbles and puts a hand to his face.*
Emmy: How DARE you say something like that.
Emmy: There are two things that matter to me in my life: my family, and Shinju Gouka.
Emmy: To say that I would choose Shinju over my family - the people to whom I am connected by blood - that's enough...for you to not believe it...
Emmy: ...*shakes her head in disgust at him*
Shinju: *is totally still awake guys. 8|*
Emmy: *turns quickly before she starts to run over with emotion, and sees him awake* ...
Shinju: *looks kind of confused at Emmy's words.*
Emmy: *hurries to his side* ...Shinju...were you awake for...all of that? *getting softer as she speaks*
Shinju: *"stares" at Emeraude, confused.* ...what... d'you mean...?
Emmy: ...in saying that I'd choose you over my family...?
Emmy: *shakes her head slightly, smiling* Exactly what it sounds like it means.
Shinju: ...*closes his eyes.* Shouldn't... say that...
Emmy: Apparently, to most people, loyalty to my family means loyalty to the mafia...I'd choose you over the mafia any day.
Shinju: *struggles to stay awake, but eventually falls back into unconsciousness. D|*
Emmy: *gently strokes his hair, trying not to think about anything*
Miles: *.. draws himself up to his full height and stares Emmy down with an intense glare.* I do not question your loyalties, I only question your motives and your priorities. Unlike you, I do not have the luxury of placing so much trust on the mere WORD of the people I meet. Which, as I've noticed recently, is a blessing. So pardon me /very much/ if I do not take what you say in full stride.
Miles: You would also do well to remember that the ties your family has to the mafia are NOT unnoticed, and the ONLY reason we have not taken action is because of the bloodshed that might occur.
Emmy: *rises back to her feet and matches his stare with one of her own* My motives and priorities are merely to protect those I care for. Do not think that my relationship with Shinju is purely for aesthetic purposes, or assume that I represent the whole of my family.
Emmy: You would also do well to see me as a separate person from the persona my family has.
Miles: I neither assumed nor said anything of the kind. Please refrain from putting words into my mouth and thoughts into my head, Miss Iserath.
Emmy: Well, I'm glad to hear /that/ at any rate.
Miles: As you should be. *ego.*
Emmy: It doesn't console me any that you would sooner arrest me for things my family has done in the past than trust my words.
Miles: Once again, do not put words into my mouth. And DO NOT insult my integrity.
Miles: *points at her.* If there is evidence, I will use it to convict the guilty. If you are not guilty, you have nothing to fear.
Emmy: I am guilty of nothing. I still don't trust that you wouldn't convict me of things my family has done - all you've said this whole time is about my family and my motives and my loyalties..."if my loyalties lie with my family, they lie with the mob..."
Miles: Your trust in me, or the lack thereof, means nothing in the face of my actions in court. In fact, you've missed my entire point: I cannot simply trust you on principle because of the nature of my occupation. And you should not take that so personally.
Miles: I believe those were the words of Lucius Vorenus and he is not a prosecutor.
Emmy: You didn't seem to disagree with his point at all.
Miles: Then you were not paying close enough attention.
Emmy: Evidently I was too busy worrying for my boyfriend's life.
Miles: Excuses for pity, though sometimes convincing, are not real justifications. I worry for my life and the lives of others and this entire city.
Emmy: ...*stares at him darkly for a moment before turning on her heel and retaking her seat beside Shinju*
Miles: But I continue to work and do my job with those burdens in mind. *folds his arms and takes a seat. :|*
Emmy: *mutters something about him under her breath*
Miles: What was that, Miss Iserath?
Emmy: *forces a sweet smile, looking over her shoulder* Nothing at all, /Mr Edgeworth/.
Miles: I have saved Gouka's life repeatedly, at the risk of my own.
Emmy: ...*rolls her eyes slightly, wondering why he's trying to redeem himself in her eyes*
Miles: *really isn't, he's just telling her the truth.*
Emmy: *doesn't care either way - she doesn't like him. xD*


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